L’Épiphanie Réserve de l’Harmonie Pauillac 2018

Årgang: 2018

Alkohol: 14%

Land: Frankrig

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 499,00 v/ 1 stk.
 349,00 v/ 6 stk.
 299,00 v/ 12 stk.

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L’ÉpiphanieRéserve de l’Harmonie Pauillac

We’d love to reveal the name of the illustrious château behind this
fine claret, but we’re sworn to secrecy. We can reveal, though, that
it’s made at a Premier Grand Cru Classé estate in Pauillac whose Grand
Vin sells for sixteen times the price.
From one of Bordeaux’s very finest châteaux, this
is an amazing deal claret. Best aged a little
Jean-Marc Sauboua
Buyer for Bordeaux

L’Épiphanie de Pauillac is the latest of our secret releases from iconic
Bordeaux châteaux. It hails from Pauillac’s top tier – a Premier Grand
Cru Classé estate. There are only three in the appellation: Lafite
Rothschild, Mouton Rothschild and Latour. We guarantee this wine is
from one of them. It isn’t their
Grand Vin, but it’s made from
the same fruit by the same
winemaker and housed in the
same barrels. Yet it costs less
than one sixteenth of the Grand
Vin’s price. L’Épiphanie de
Pauillac has blackcurrant, cherry
and ripe plum infused with
subtle spice, cedar and cigar box
notes. These classic aromas
combine with firm tannins for a
complex wine with a long finish.
By all means open a bottle now,






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1 anmeldelse af L’Épiphanie Réserve de l’Harmonie Pauillac 2018

  1. Nelly

    Very young, needs more time in the bottle to mature and fine tune very vivid black currant, cherry notes, settle a bit grippy tannins and develop those cedar and cigar box afternotes, maybe add a bit tertiary mushroom and leather notes. It’s still a beauty in the making.

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